Patch 6.4.5 is now available!

21 October, 2023

Read more to learn the highlights of the ToxiUI Patch 6.4.5! A very minor, but honestly exciting new feature, some bug fixes and a couple profile updates. Let's dig in!

New features

This is very small and most of the users will not care about this feature, but I love it so much. It gives the UI a little bit of personal touch, a nice little decoration. I present to you - Game Menu's Player Information! That sounded more exciting in my head. Now, whenever you open the game menu, you'll be greeted with by your character's name, guild, level and class, all wrapped in gradients!

Player information

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Player information with guild

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Bug fixes

Since the removal of WeakAuras skinning from ToxiUI we had a gap in our /tx status window, where we previously displayed information if the skinning modules are enabled. Well, gap no more!

/tx status

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Further, we've had reports of Details being wonky in Gradient mode. We're pretty sure we identified the problem was that the user was using a classic version of Details. So PSA for everyone, for Wrath & Classic there are two versions of Details. Get the one that does not have (classic) in it's name. Besides the wrong version, we have added a fail-safety check in the code to prevent that issue from happening again.

Since we fixed WunderBar's Mining profession in Patch 6.4.2, we have also unintentionally introduced a bug. For Wrath specifically, Blacksmithing no longer had icons. That was because of us using a crush method for tables and since the tables holding profession IDs etc. had no unique key name, the first entry in the table was just getting overwritten by Jewelcrafting & Inscription. Oops. That is now fixed!

In Patch 6.4.4 we have made profile updates for ElvUI fonts to use "Shadow Outline" instead of "Outline". Well, apparently that was a lie. Due to internal configuration error, all the Primary fonts were defaulting to "Outline" instead. Not anymore!

Profile updates

There aren't many impactful updates, but let's begin with ToxiUI changes. The new "Details Gradient Text" feature's toggle is now disabled if Details is disabled or the user is not using a ToxiUI profile. It is also now enabled by default, hopefully more people will notice it!

Dark Mode Settings

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The forgotten AFK screen of ToxiUI has got a little touch-up. The away timer now has a different font and is also enhanced with some fancy gradients.

AFK Screen

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Next, we have enabled "small hits" for the NameplateSCT profile in Wrath & Classic only. I feel like Retail is too spammy with it's damage numbers to have this enabled.

Moving on to ElvUI, UnitFrame Class Resources colors are now matching the colors in Gradient mode. So if you're a Dark mode or Normal mode user, the UI should feel more connected now.

We have also updated the chat settings by removing the tab selector, which honestly did not look that good, changed the tab font to primary to increase readability and we also applied the "Shadow Outline" style to the fonts. We have added some Quality of Life too by reduce the amount of messages you scroll to 1 and also increased the scroll down interval to 2 minutes. Scrolling up to see what spells you just learned will be easier, yep.

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And to wrap-up our updates, the loot roll window has seen a long-needed update. We moved it closer to the center of the screen, increased the button size so you no longer miss-click that accidental ninja "Need", moved the roll buttons to the left and also changed the background texture so it's more in-line with the rest of the UI. These changes may not be final yet, so if you have any feedback, do let us know!

Download ToxiUI

Updating ToxiUI

Generally, we do not provide support for editing ToxiUI, but if you still want to edit it and not lose your settings, there are a couple approaches to that. Click on the button below to find out more!

Updating ToxiUI

Full changelog

For a full, detailed changelog that notes every single update, as always please refer to the in-game changelog.

Simply log in to the game with ToxiUI loaded and type in /tx changelog in the chat. You can also access the ToxiUI menu via these routes:

  • Clicking the ToxiUI icon in WunderBar's MicroMenu

  • Pressing ESC and then selecting ToxiUI

  • Opening ElvUI settings and selecting ToxiUI in the left sidebar

Patch 6.4.5 Changelog

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