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On the right side you can find the Navigation panel where you can

quickly find what you are looking for.

If none of the questions solved your problem, please remember

these few things that often fix problems:


• Make sure you have watched the video guides that Toxi provides

• Make sure that your AddOns are updated

• Sometimes a quick /reload fixes the problem!

If none of the options in this FAQ page helped, then:

• Disable all AddOns that are not on the recommended list

• Run the ToxiUI installer again

Is this supported for World of Warcraft: Classic or TBC?
No. Toxi does not play neither Classic nor TBC.
My whole UI looks weird and not like in the screenshots!

Please ensure all of your AddOns are updated.

Run the ToxiUI installer again.

If problems persists - visit Discord for live-support.

Also keep in mind that the UI is constantly updated - you might be looking at an old screenshot :)

How to turn on Floating Combat text?
/ec -> WindTools -> Misc -> CVars Editor -> Combat
How to change Names for UnitFrames?
/ec -> UnitFrames -> Individual Units/Group Units -> Select which Unit -> Custom Texts -> !Name
How to change the bar at the bottom?
All of the ToxiUI settings (including WunderBar) can be accessed via /tx settings
My Experience Bar is missing!
/tx settings -> WunderBar -> Modules -> Enable ToxiUI: Databar module.
How to make my UnitFrames be visible all the time?
/ec -> UnitFrames -> Individual Units -> Player -> Fader
How to make my Action Bars be visible all the time?

/tx settings -> AddOns -> ElvUI -> Action Bar Fade

How to make my Tooltip be visible all the time?
/ec -> Tooltip -> Visibility -> Change Combat Override Key
Nameplates are not showing!

Press V to toggle enemy nameplates.

Press Shift+V to toggle allied nameplates.

Press Ctrl+V to toggle both.

If you have rebound the keybinds to something else, you can also toggle them in ESC -> Interface -> Names

I have empty squares on my Nameplates!

This means that the font you're using does not support that symbol.

The names on my Nameplates are shortened!
/plater -> Modding -> Disable ToxiUI Abbrev Names
How to change nameplate colors in Mythic+?
/plater -> Modding -> M+ Colored Mobs
How to change chat font size?
Right click the chat tab.
How to make text above players have background again?
/ec -> General -> Blizz Improvements -> Chat Bubbles
How to hide chat bubbles in dungeon/raid/garrison?
How to disable automatic announcements?
/ec -> WindTools -> Announcement
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