Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the ToxiUI FAQ page to find answers to common questions about ToxiUI. Learn about its features, installation, customization, and more. Get the most out of ToxiUI with our detailed FAQs


How can I support ToxiUI?

You can become a supporter on our Patreon page or you can make a one-time donation via PayPal.

If you'd like to provide development support, visit our GitHub repository and see if you can make improvements and/or fix bugs :)

Is ToxiUI Retail different from Wrath or Classic?

Yes, there are features that are simply impossible to do or would require a complete code rewrite.

Some of these missing features are:

My whole UI looks weird and not like in the screenshots!

  • Please ensure all of your AddOns are updated.

  • Run the ToxiUI installer again.

  • If problems persists - visit Discord for live-support.

  • Also keep in mind that the UI is constantly updated - you might be looking at an old screenshot :)

How to turn on Floating Combat text?

To enable floating combat text for healing, use the following command in your in-game text box:

/console floatingCombatTextCombatHealing 1

To enable floating combat text for damage, use the following command in your in-game text box:

/console floatingCombatTextCombatDamage 1

To enable floating combat text for pet damage, use the following commands one after another in your in-game text box:

/console floatingCombatTextPetMeleeDamage 1 /console floatingCombatTextPetSpellDamage 1

To enable floating combat text for period damage, use the following command in your in-game text box:

/console floatingCombatTextCombatLogPeriodicSpells 1

To disable combat text, change the number at the end of the command to 0.

How to change the bar at the bottom?

All of the ToxiUI settings (including WunderBar) can be accessed via /tx settings

How can I use the same profile on all of my characters?

Using the same Profile

Using the same Profile

Videos are not loaded initially for performance reasons.

My objective tracker is in the wrong position!

In Dragonflight, Blizzard has introduced the Edit mode and because of that certain UI elements can only be positioned via that menu.

Edit Mode Objective Tracker

Click the image to see full size

Edit Mode Objective Tracker

Themes and Skins

How can I disable shadows on ElvUI elements?

/tx settings → Skins → ElvUI → ToxiUI ElvUI Theme

How to disable background fade on game menu?

/tx settings → Skins → ElvUI → ToxiUI Game Menu Button → Background Fade

How do I prevent ToxiUI from overriding Details?

ToxiUI will only skin details in Gradient or Dark Mode themes and only if the current active Details profile is called ToxiUI.

A reload is required after changing the Details profiles.


How to change UnitFrame texts?

To change UnitFrame texts or icons, go to this menu:

  • /ec → UnitFrames → Individual Units/Group Units → Select which Unit → Custom Texts

  • Select which text: !Name!Health!ClassIcon

  • Customize the settings or the format

Check out this ElvUI entry for a full tutorial on Custom Texts:

Check out ElvUI's Available Tags section to find out what tags you can use in your text format!

Available Tags

Click the image to see full size

Available Tags

Additionally you can change the UnitFrame Style in the Styles section of ToxiUI settings

I can't change UnitFrame texture!

ToxiUI has three themes - Gradient ModeDark Mode and Regular. In gradient or dark modes you can't change the status bar textures, because we apply custom skinning to the UI.

You can toggle or disable themes in ToxiUI settings.

How can I edit the UnitFrame Class Icon?

The class icon is actually a tag within a custom text.

To edit it or remove it, go to these settings

/ec → UnitFrames → Individual Units/Group Units → Select which Unit → Custom Texts → !ClassIcon

Additionally you can change the style of the class icon in ToxiUI settings' Skins section

Class Icon Style

Click the image to see full size

Class Icon Style

How to make my UnitFrames be visible all the time?

/ec → UnitFrames → Individual Units → Player → Fader

How to make my UnitFrame buffs & debuffs have a square shape?

/ec → UnitFrames → Individual/Group Units → Select which UnitBuffs/Debuffs → Enable Keep Size Ratio

Action Bars

How to make my Action Bars be visible all the time?

/tx settings → Miscellaneous → Other → Action Bar Fade

As of ToxiUI patch 6.5.1 this is now in a different location:

/tx settings → Skins → ElvUI → Action Bar Fade

Where is my Pet Action Bar?

Your Pet's Action Bar is mouse-over under your Player UnitFrame

Click the image to see full size

How to make my Action Bars have a square shape?

/ec → ActionBars → Player Bars → Bar # → Enable Keep Size Ratio


Details profile keeps resetting?

Most likely something got corrupted, follow these steps to reset your profile:

  1. Type in chat /details reinstall

  2. Go through the process

  3. Once you're done, type in chat /tx install

  4. Skip through the installer until you reach the Details part

  5. Apply the ToxiUI Details profile

  6. Reload your UI and you should be done

How do I add extra Details windows?

Creating new Details windows

Creating new Details windows

Videos are not loaded initially for performance reasons.


Nameplates are not showing!

Press V to toggle enemy nameplates.

Press Shift+V to toggle allied nameplates.

Press Ctrl+V to toggle both.

If you have rebound the keybinds to something else, you can also toggle them in ESC  Interface  Names

I have empty squares on my Nameplates!

This means that the font you're using does not support that symbol.

The names on my Nameplates are shortened!

/plater → Modding → Disable ToxiUI Abbrev Names

How to change nameplate colors in Mythic+?

/plater → Modding → M+ Colored Mobs


How to change chat font size?

Right click the chat tab.

How to make text above players have a background again?

/ec → General → Blizz Improvements → Chat Bubbles

How to hide chat bubbles in dungeon/raid/garrison?

Follow this detailed guide by ElvUI:

How to disable automatic announcements?

/ec → WindTools → Announcement