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A World of Warcraft style image featuring a large, mystical timer clock in the foreground.AddOn


Enhance your Mythic+ dungeon runs with the WarpDeplete addon for World of Warcraft. Discover features like accurate timers, affix tracking, and customizable interfaces. ToxiUI offers a preconfigured profile for WarpDeplete in its installer.

A World of Warcraft style image featuring a large, detailed adventurer's bag with various items spilling out around it.AddOn


Discover how the Sorted addon revolutionizes World of Warcraft inventory management with advanced sorting options, customizable filters, and a sleek, intuitive interface.



Learn about Narcissus - a World of Warcraft AddOn providing features such as enhanced character info, transmog display, photo mode, barbershop improvements, brand new achievement panel and more!

A vibrant fantasy scene inspired by World of Warcraft featuring a mischievous Goblin with loot bagsAddOn

LS: Toasts

Learn about LS: Toasts - a great AddOn for World of Warcraft helping you customize your loot notifications, achievements and more.

ToxiUI Wotlk Mage 6.4.7Guide

ToxiUI Installation Guide

A step by step guide for how to install ToxiUI in World of Warcraft Dragonflight, Cataclysm Classic and Classic Era!

Endwalker Dark Throne WallpaperGuide


Learn how to install ToxiUI for Final Fantasy XIV by using XIVLauncher and DelvUI

Updating ToxiUIGuide

Updating ToxiUI

Learn how to update ToxiUI and keep your precious profile changes. ElvUI module control, manual updating or just the intended way, you'll find your answer here!

Night elf rangerFAQ

World of Warcraft F.A.Q.

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding ToxiUI! Stop wasting hours googling, the answer is most likely here.

The Dark PortalGuide

WeakAuras Guide

Perfect your ToxiUI experience with our guide on customizing visuals for existing WeakAuras packages. Learn to tweak fonts, textures, and placement effortlessly. Level up your WoW UI today!