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Enhance Your Warcraft Adventure with ToxiUI - Level Up Your Interface!

Discover the power of ToxiUI, the ultimate ElvUI plugin for WoW. Enjoy minimalism and combat-focused design with WunderBar, gradient unit frames, and an overhauled Armory. Download now for an epic gaming experience!

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Features of ToxiUI

Gradient Mode

Gradient Mode

When you install ToxiUI, Gradient Mode is enabled by default, offering a vibrant array of colors on your UnitFrames and Details bars.

ToxiUI emphasizes customization, allowing you to adjust the colors to your preference for a personalized experience.

ToxiUI Armory


Introducing ToxiUI's Armory: the ultimate enhancement for your character sheet.

Experience a visually stunning interface with gradient backgrounds, vibrant images, and intuitive icons with all of that customizable!

ToxiUI WunderBar


Discover WunderBar: a versatile information bar consisting of customizable modules. Each module can display a variety of information, tailored to your needs.

With WunderBar, you can create a personalized and efficient interface, enhancing your gaming experience by having all essential data at your fingertips.

ToxiUI Dark Mode

Dark Mode

If you don't like Gradient Mode and prefer darker colors, we present to you Dark Mode! Switch between themes with a flick of a switch and ToxiUI will automatically handle all your colors!

Available ToxiUI Text Tags

Custom Text Tags

Improve your displayed information with a plethora of custom ToxiUI Text Tags!

Changing health color based on value, dynamically changing color depending on Gradient vs Dark Mode and more! All of them are documented in the ElvUI Available Tags section.

ToxiUI Game Menu Skin

Game Menu Skin

Each time you decide to quit the game or switch characters, you're greeted with an improved custom Game Menu Skin. Displaying your current character's information, sleek animations and helpful information!

Random tips are constantly being added :)

ToxiUI Custom Role Icons

Custom Icons

If you haven't noticed by now, customization is key. Switch between different role, group, class icons all in ToxiUI settings.

Creating a perfect UI has never been easier.

ToxiUI Custom Installer

Custom Installer

To have a smooth installation process, we have enhanced the ElvUI installer with custom functionality.

When selecting different options during the installation, you will be greeted by images showcasing what you are installing!

Mage waving

And more to come

We are constantly developing and thinking of more ideas for ToxiUI. We couldn't showcase all of the features here simply because there are so many of them!

With your help, ToxiUI is going to get only better & bigger!

Recent videos

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Become a part of ToxiUI

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ToxiUI is a hobby project that started back in 2020 and so it's maintained mostly by one person - Toxi. Occasionally we have people from the community who are interested and help us maintain the project by fixing bugs or releasing new cool features! You can do so too as the project is open-source on GitHub! If you're not a developer, that's cool -- you can contribute via PayPal or Patreon. The money goes to keeping up a WoW subscription, hosting, third-party services that we use for enhancing the UI and a coffee or two! If you're not able to provide neither development nor monetary support, saying thanks on the Discord is valuable too!

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Check out Articles

If you're interested to peer inside the development of ToxiUI or you're just interested to read about the updates we do, go to the Articles section and pick something to read!

I promise you'll learn something new :)

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Visit Resources


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Similar to articles, Resources are pages full of information aimed to teach you. Level up your knowledge of AddOns and tailor your UI to your needs!

WeakAuras guide, Installation guide, F.A.Q. and more to come in the future! Highly recommend reading for everyone that's new.

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