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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the ToxiUI FAQ page to find answers to common questions about ToxiUI. Learn about its features, installation, customization, and more. Get the most out of ToxiUI with our detailed FAQs

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How can I support ToxiUI?

Is ToxiUI Retail different from Wrath or Classic?

My whole UI looks weird and not like in the screenshots!

How to turn on Floating Combat text?

How to change the bar at the bottom?

How can I use the same profile on all of my characters?

My objective tracker is in the wrong position!

I can't click on WunderBar icons!


How to change UnitFrame texts?

I can't change UnitFrame texture!

How can I edit the UnitFrame Class Icon?

How to make my UnitFrames be visible all the time?

How to make my UnitFrame buffs & debuffs have a square shape?

How to show full health in my UnitFrames?

Themes and Skins

How can I disable shadows on ElvUI elements?

How to disable background fade on game menu?

How do I prevent ToxiUI from overriding Details?

Action Bars

How to make my Action Bars be visible all the time?

Where is my Pet Action Bar?

How to make my Action Bars have a square shape?


Nameplates are not showing!

I have empty squares on my Nameplates!

The names on my Nameplates are shortened!

How to change nameplate colors in Mythic+?


How to change chat font size?

How to make text above players have a background again?

How to hide chat bubbles in dungeon/raid/garrison?

How to disable automatic announcements?


Details profile keeps resetting?

How do I add extra Details windows?