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Patch 6.5.2

With the release of the first 2024 Dragonflight patch 10.2.5, it's a great time to release some tweaks we've been working on in the beta builds! ToxiUI Patch 6.5.2 is here and while it's not huge, we all know size does not matter ;)

New features

Firstly we've added an option to toggle the ActionBars Fade visibility when in a Vehicle or Dragonriding. This feature was introduced last patch and we forgot to add an option to disable it. Oops!

Next is a WIP experimental feature but it should not hinder your experience. Now, the WunderBar's Durability module can be right-clicked to summon the Grand Expedition Yak, if of course you have it.

Bug fixes

I don't know how this one slipped me, since after seeing the bug I immediately knew where it's from. Now the installation process will correctly set your Target UnitFrame's fonts, so we're back to having a consistent design.

Profile updates

This seems like a recent ElvUI new feature, but now we're able to control the Guild Bank's fonts separately. Those are now correctly being styled with ToxiUI fonts. We've also finally updated the M+ Colored Mobs mod for Plater. Thanks, Continuity!


Since it's a new patch, we've of course increased version numbers so that the AddOn isn't marked as out of date. And obviously raised the minimum required ElvUI version to 13.55!

Settings refactoring

The WeakAuras ActionBars style description now correctly points the user to the location for where to tweak ActionBars Fade settings. No more getting lost!

Full changelog

This article only highlights the updates of a patch. For a full, detailed changelog that notes every single update, as always please refer to the in-game changelog.

Simply log in to the game with ToxiUI loaded and type in /tx changelog in the chat. You can also access the ToxiUI menu via these routes:

  • Clicking the ToxiUI icon in WunderBar's MicroMenu

  • Pressing ESC and then selecting ToxiUI

  • Opening ElvUI settings and selecting ToxiUI in the left sidebar

Download ToxiUI

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