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Patch 6.6.7Patch Update

ToxiUI Patch 6.6.7

For ToxiUI patch 6.6.7 we have prepared a quick video overview!

ToxiUI Patch 6.6.6Patch Update

ToxiUI Patch 6.6.6

Learn all about ToxiUI Patch 6.6.6, or as Laev would say - the cursed build :O

A majestic high fantasy dragon, made entirely of flame, depicted in a dramatic scene as it destroys a medieval world.Patch Update

Patches 6.6.1 - 6.6.3

Find out all about ToxiUI patches 6.6.1 - 6.6.3! Previous patches were semi hotfixes, that's why they didn't receive their own article. Don't worry though, we'll cover them! :)

deathwingPatch Update

Patch 6.6.0 introduces Cataclysm Classic

Tune in to read the patch notes for ToxiUI 6.6.0 which introduces support for the Cataclysm Classic Pre-Patch and many other changes, new features!

WoW Dragonflight Fractures in TimePatch Update

Patch 6.5.5

ToxiUI Patch 6.5.5 brings a bunch of new features to the table! If you're interested in finding more about the changes, continue reading..

Human wizard fighting an Orc warriorPatch Update

Patch 6.5.2

With Dragonflight releasing it's first 2024 patch 10.2.5 it felt like a great time to release some changes that we've been working on for ToxiUI. Read more to learn all about the ToxiUI 6.5.2 patch!

ToxiUI Patch 6.5.1Patch Update

Patch 6.5.1 to end the year

Find out about ToxiUI's last patch of the year - 6.5.1! New features, profile updates and more!

Emerald Dream SMALLPatch Update

Patch 6.5.0 is finally here

With World of Warcraft's latest 10.2 patch, ToxiUI is also updated to version 6.5.0. Venture in to the Emerald Dream with the best minimalistic UI out there!

Patch 6.4.6Patch Update

Patch 6.4.6 is out!

ToxiUI Patch 6.4.6 is now available for download! Read more to find out what's new, what's been fixed and what profile updates have been made!

Patch 6.4.5Patch Update

Patch 6.4.5 is now available!

ToxiUI patch 6.4.5 is now available for download! Read the article to find out more about exciting new features, nasty bug fixes and intriguing profile updates..

ToxiUI LogoPatch Update

Patch 6.4.4 released!

Review the changes made in ToxiUI's patch 6.4.4