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Master Your UI: Customizing WeakAuras for ToxiUI

Master font, texture, and placement tweaks. Enhance your Warcraft interface with our detailed guide. Optimize visuals and conquer Azeroth with confidence!

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WeakAuras Guide


Important Disclaimer

Due to the fact that from ToxiUI 6.0.0 we are utilising Pixel Perfect scaling, 1080p and 1440p resolutions have a different UI scale. WeakAuras do not fit perfectly on the 1080p version! To accommodate that, you can do either one of these things:

  • Move the UnitFrames via /moveui to make space for your WeakAuras package

  • Change the Group Scale of your WeakAuras package:

    1. Open up the /wa panel

    2. Select the main parent group

    3. Go to the Group tab

    4. Reduce the Group Scale to 0.8

WeakAuras Group Scale

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Initial Import

WeakAuras Initial Import

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When you initially import a WeakAuras package (preferably Luxthos) you will notice that they look... out of place? Well, one of the reasons is that we no longer provide skinning support for WeakAuras. The other reason is that we need to do some tweaking to achieve perfection! Continue reading to learn how!

Disabling the Cast Bar

Most Weak Auras packages come bundled in with a Cast Bar, but we feel that the ElvUI's Cast Bar has all the functionality needed and on top of that, it's already customised. Therefore we disable Weak Auras Cast Bar:

  1. Open up the /wa panel

  2. Select the Cast Bar WeakAura

  3. Right-click it

  4. Select Delete

WA Delete castbar

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Changing the Bar Texture

WA Bar Texture

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The main and one of the most attractive feature's of ToxiUI is the Gradient Mode. While we do not apply Gradient Mode to WeakAuras, you can easily replicate that with the textures we provide:

  1. Open up the /wa panel

  2. Select the main parent group

  3. Go to the Display tab

  4. Change the Bar Texture to either of these:

    • - Tx Left

    • - Tx Mid

    • - Tx Right

Changing the Fonts

When it comes to User Interface design, typography is one of the most important aspects. We want all our fonts to be readable, look nice, and most importantly, be consistent. To achieve that, we are going to update all of our WeakAuras fonts.

  1. Open up the /wa panel

  2. Select the main parent group

  3. Go to the Display tab

  4. Scroll down until you start seeing Text # (where # is a number)

  5. Change the font and the font size values for all of the Text entries

  6. Personally I usually go with these:

    • Font: - ToxiUI

    • Font Size: 20

Optional: I also prefer to have my Main Resource number (mana, energy, rage, etc) be a slightly bigger, stronger font. I recommend selecting the individual resource Weak Aura, and changing it's font to - M 900 and increasing the font size by around 4~

WA Fonts

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Anchoring the WeakAuras

WA Anchoring

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For the WeakAuras to fit in with the rest of ToxiUI an important thing is anchoring them to our own custom-made ElvUI anchor: ToxiUIWAAnchor -- this will make it so that the WeakAuras move when switching between DPS/Tank & Healer layouts and also will fade nicely the same way that the UnitFrames fade.

  1. Open up the /wa panel

  2. Select the main parent group

  3. Go to the Group tab

  4. In the Anchored to dropdown, choose Select Frame

  5. In the Frame field type in ToxiUIWAAnchor

  6. Make sure that Set Parent to Anchor is Enabled

  7. Adjust the Y Offset value.

If you're on 1440p resolution and using Luxthos WeakAuras package, the Y offset should be 0. For other resolutions & WeakAuras packages, the Y value will obviously be different.

If you want your WeakAuras to stop fading but still move with different layouts, disable Set Parent to Anchor!

Icons & Borders

Here we are, this is the end. Since we no longer provide WeakAuras skinning, you have to add borders and change the icon aspect ratios to fit in with the UI! If you're using Luxthos WeakAuras, you're in luck, because this will take at most 20 seconds:

  1. Select the main parent group

  2. Go to the Custom Options tab

  3. In the Global Style dropdown increase the Border Size to 1

  4. In the Icons sections, you have to change width & height to represent a 4:3 ratio

These are the sizes I use for each category of icons:

  • Top (Secondary) Icons: 40 x 30

  • Core (Main) Icons: 48 x 36

  • Side Icons: 40 x 30

  • Utility (Dynamic) Icons: 40 x 30

  • Maintenance Icons: 36 x 28

For the last and final step, in the Core Icons settings set Resources Position to Above Main Icons and each of the Resources bars reduce height to 10 or 5 according to the priority of the resource.

If you're not using Luxthos WeakAuras, well.. You'll have to do it manually...

WA Custom Options

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Before & After

WeakAuras Initial Import

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WeakAuras Final Result

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