\Updating ToxiUI

Updating ToxiUI

Learn how to update ToxiUI and keep your precious profile changes. ElvUI module control, manual updating or just the intended way, you'll find your answer here! Spoiler alert: running the installer is the best way ;)

Updating ToxiUI


Module Control

  1. Make two separate profiles - one for your edited profile; another one for original ToxiUI

  2. Run the installer for the original ToxiUI profile

  3. Copy things from your edited profile via Module Control (/ec-> Module Control)

Manual Update

  1. Never again run the ToxiUI installer

  2. Make the changes yourself by referring to the in-game changelog via the /tx changelog command

Regular & Stable

  1. Always update ToxiUI and run the installer

  2. Either make the adjustments every time or just adapt!


ToxiUI users have reported that once you get used to Module Control, it's an easy and efficient way to manage your edits of ToxiUI, but the bullet proof way is still just updating and running the installer, because otherwise you might miss some important updates!

This page will get more fleshed out in the future.

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