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Additional AddOns Feedback Overview

21 February, 2024

Recently we had a feedback form going around asking the community for feedback around ToxiUI's Additional AddOns! Read more to find out the results and get some answers

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Patch 6.5.5

17 February, 2024

ToxiUI Patch 6.5.5 brings a bunch of new features to the table! If you're interested in finding more about the changes, continue reading..

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Patch 6.5.2

17 January, 2024

With Dragonflight releasing it's first 2024 patch 10.2.5 it felt like a great time to release some changes that we've been working on for ToxiUI. Read more to learn all about the ToxiUI 6.5.2 patch!

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Patch 6.5.1 to end the year

17 December, 2023

Find out about ToxiUI's last patch of the year - 6.5.1! New features, profile updates and more!

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Patch 6.5.0 is finally here

08 November, 2023

With World of Warcraft's latest 10.2 patch, ToxiUI is also updated to version 6.5.0. Venture in to the Emerald Dream with the best minimalistic UI out there!

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Patch 6.4.6 is out!

25 October, 2023

ToxiUI Patch 6.4.6 is now available for download! Read more to find out what's new, what's been fixed and what profile updates have been made!

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Patch 6.4.5 is now available!

21 October, 2023

ToxiUI patch 6.4.5 is now available for download! Read the article to find out more about exciting new features, nasty bug fixes and intriguing profile updates..

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Patch 6.4.4 released!

16 October, 2023

Review the changes made in ToxiUI's patch 6.4.4

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History of ToxiUI

14 October, 2023

Discover the fascinating evolution and impact of ToxiUI. Uncover the origins, key milestones, and the future of this influential user interface design framework. Dive into the past and shape the future of UI design with ToxiUI.

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WeakAuras Update: Changes in Skinning Support

12 October, 2023

Explore the ramifications of WeakAuras' recent decision to remove support for skinning elements in other World of Warcraft addons. Discover how this change affects ToxiUI and the broader WoW AddOn community.

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Our first article!

12 October, 2023

Our first article of ToxiUI is officially out! Catch up on the latest ToxiUI news, developer diaries, insights into other addons and more!

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