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Some of you know this, some of you don't, but a couple of days ago I shared a Google form with specific questions asking for feedback about the Additional AddOns profiles that ToxiUI provides. Honestly I was shocked in the first couple hours at how useful this is! Expect more questionnaires from me in the future, lol. Or if you don't want to wait, open an issue on our GitHub Issues page! Let's dive in now.

The numbers

Let's just jump straight in to the numbers. In total we had 61 people filling out the form. Not a huge number but that's definitely a great start and can already shape trends!


72,1% of the people use OmniCD AddOn in general.

61,7% of those people use the ToxiUI profile provided!

OmniCD results

OmniCD results

Click image to see full size


63,9% of the people use WarpDeplete AddOn in general. The numbers here might be skewed a little bit because some of the people that filled the form simply do not play Retail and only focus on Classic, where that AddOn does not exist.

62,3% of the people use the provided ToxiUI profile! This one's almost the exact same, so I'm glad to see people are generally enjoying the profile. Even if it's nothing too special :D

WarpDeplete results

WarpDeplete results

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Now to the interesting one, and the reason why I even did this poll. Not gonna lie to y'all, I'm not happy with NSCT. And not our profile in general, but the AddOn itself. Firstly, it has some bugs that haven't been fixed in forever and secondly nothing really beats the default combat text. It feels like a perfect fit for WoW. And yes, I know, Classic had better damage numbers, Retail's aren't as good :(

Now to the numbers (almost). I checked on the answers every couple hours and initially, 80% of the people did not even use the NSCT AddOn! That almost convinced me that "yep, I'm removing it"

But something changed later! As we gathered more data, the numbers evened out:

52.5% of the people use NSCT as an AddOn

52.5% of the people do not use the ToxiUI provided profile

Numbers are fun, aren't they?

NameplateSCT results

NameplateSCT results

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The comments

Now that we're done with the boring nerd mAtH we can go see what the ToxiUI community voiced! I'm not gonna list every single comment and rather just abstract out the general themes.


The major consensus here looks like the high-end players already had their own OmniCD profile that suits them just perfect. I don't blame them!

There's also some mentioning of manually having to add some spells, and I'd just like to point out that it's that way on purpose. If you take a look at the code, you will actually see that we do not touch any of the spells/CDs tracked. What we do, is we take your existing profile and put that into our ToxiUI profile. That way when you install, you do not lose your already existing configuration of tracked stuff :)


Not much can be said here, tbh. The profile is simple, very close to what the default looks, people seem to enjoy it. Hooray! Now let's move to the controversial one, haha.


Well, maybe I lied when I said controversial. Not many comments for NSCT but there is one general theme - too much clutter.

Fun fact, when filling out the form myself to see if it works, I put the same comment in the feedback field saying "too much spam". Guess I knew the truth all along.

At the end of the day, it's optional, and judging by the statistics, some people enjoy it!

Bonus Feedback

Now probably the most interesting part - a free for all field where anyone could type in anything. You would expect much trolling, but we only got one trolling comment saying "skill issue" and frankly I agree.

There have been a ton of comments saying thank you and saying ToxiUI is amazing -- all I can say to that is thank you, the community for supporting me and enjoying ToxiUI! Love you all :')

There were suggestions to add a quest addon tracker profile. And while that seems interesting and I'll definitely have a look around if I can come up with a perfect compromise, choosing one is difficult as I would like to ensure the addon is updated and works flawlessly across all game versions. I'm looking at you Kaliel's Tracker, you buggy mess >.>

There were also some comments about sharing the same profile across different characters and all I can say is I got you, fam. Released a video guide on how to do exactly that, check it out below.

Using the same Profile

Using the same Profile

Videos are not loaded initially for performance reasons.

I have also noticed some people saying that text is overlapping, errors being thrown in SoD and other things in a similar manner. Thank you for telling me, but it would be much more helpful if you opened an issue on our GitHub Issues page with the proper information so I can help you and also fix any issues!

There was also a request for a DBM profile and sadly I have to give you some bad news. Previously ToxiUI had a DBM profile but we consciously removed it in Patch v6.2.1 (May 2023) with warnings saying we will do that dating back to Nov 2022. I won't go into too much detail on why I've decided that, but all I can say you're better off not using DBM and instead using BigWigs, or even better, WeakAuras combined with BigWigs ;)

Lastly, there were suggestions on adding a Gladius profile. First things first, I'm trash at PvP. I never play it. I despise it. So even testing Gladius would be a pain for me. Secondly, we did actually consider adding it like a year or two ago, but after customizing it we realized all we did was change the bar textures and change the fonts. Nothing special. Try it out yourself, it's very easy to fit something in to ToxiUI! :)


Well, this turned out to be a long post. Oops. Again, thank you all for supporting me and providing feedback and overall being a part of the community. Every single one of you is amazing!

If you would like to support ToxiUI, there are several ways to do so:

  • Suggest features in our GitHub

  • Provide development support in our open-source repository

  • Tell your friends, your family and your coworkers about ToxiUI (joking but not really)

  • And lastly, obviously, there's monetary support. This always brings a smile to my face and motivates me to work on this hobby :>

If you read all of this to the end, you're the real MVP.

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