Our first article!

Yes, you read that right - ToxiUI has articles

I've been thinking about this for some time now. I am not sure what is the end goal of these articles and let me clear it up beforehand - this is not for some click-bait Google AdSense type of shit. I just felt like I sometimes wanted a space where I want to leave some information that would be more permanent than a discord message and also easier accessible or easier to find. I'm not a great writer, so I will definitely be using AI to help me improve the sentences so they're not as dull. English is not my first language after all. You might have already noticed, that up to this point, there hasn't been any AI used to type out this article!

Website update and "face-lift"

This is now the third time that ToxiUI has a new website design slash functionality. Like Barney Stinson would say, new is always better? For those who care about frontend developing, very brief summary -- switched from NextJS + ChakraUI to GatsbyJS + PostCSS. GatsbyJS might seem a weird choice since everyone's moving to something new and shiny, but I just like it. I got used to it.

Anywho, back to website updates: first off, useful addons page is gone. Didn't feel like it was as useful (ironic, I know) and overall just a forgotten piece of content.

Next, obviously, we have articles now! It's what you're reading right now, by the way. Oh and if you got this far, you must really not have anything better to do than to read some random dude's rambling on the internet. Thanks for sticking.

Last but not least, a very fun feature that I personally love playing around with -- class personalization across the website. See that little class icon top right of the website? You can interact with it to select your favourite class and see how the whole website's theme changes accordingly! Exciting, I know.

What's in the future?

Honestly, not sure. ToxiUI is still being maintained and I don't see that changing for the foreseeable future, since finally I myself (Toxi) started developing it and it's been a blast. Frustrating as hell, but still fun. Unless ElvUI or Blizzard decide to introduce extreme changes that I would have to re-write half of the AddOn, ToxiUI will most likely be maintained and improved upon. New is always better ;)

As for the articles, I have caught myself several times just writing walls of text on Discord when developing something and then it hit me - let's turn this into a properly formatted 'blog' post, perhaps someone will find it interesting..?

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