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WeakAuras Update: Changes in Skinning Support


World of Warcraft (WoW) players have long relied on addons to enhance their gaming experience, with WeakAuras being one of the most popular choices. However, recent developments in the WoW addon community have raised eyebrows, as the authors of WeakAuras have decided to remove the ability for other addons to access and modify elements through their public database table. This decision has significant implications for various UI enhancement addons, including ToxiUI, which relied on this method to create a consistent and visually appealing user interface.

Understanding WeakAuras' Skinning Support

Contrary to native skinning features, WeakAuras provided a unique approach to skinning support through a public database table. This method allowed UI enhancement addons, such as ToxiUI, to access icons, bars, and other elements and apply modifications as needed. This approach was becoming popular among several AddOn authors - us included.

The Shift in Skinning Support

The recent decision by WeakAuras' authors to restrict access to their public database table for modifying elements within their addon has sent shockwaves through the WoW addon community. This change effectively severs the connection between UI enhancement addons like ToxiUI and WeakAuras, which had previously allowed for a seamless and visually unified user interface.

Implications for ToxiUI

ToxiUI, like many other UI enhancement addons, now faces a significant challenge due to the removal of the regionPrototype method. The implications are far-reaching:

  1. Visual Discrepancies: Users of ToxiUI may experience visual inconsistencies within their UI. The absence of this access to the public database table makes it difficult to maintain the desired cohesive and polished look.

  2. User Experience: Players who rely on ToxiUI may need to adjust to these changes, potentially requiring additional customization efforts to restore their UI to its desired state.

  3. Compatibility Challenges: The broader WoW addon ecosystem may face compatibility issues as developers of other UI enhancement addons grapple with this change in the way they interact with WeakAuras.


The decision by WeakAuras' authors to restrict access to their public database table for skinning support represents a significant shift in the WoW addon landscape. While the move may have been made for valid reasons or to simplify the addon, it introduces considerable challenges for UI enhancement addons like ToxiUI and their users.

As the WoW community navigates this transition, developers and players must adapt and find alternative methods to create the visually pleasing and functional UIs they've come to love. The spirit of customization and player choice that has defined the WoW addon community remains strong, and we can expect creative solutions to emerge as developers and players work together to address this change.

It's not the end of the world, though

Because if you're using Luxthos WeakAuras package, that the majority of ToxiUI users do, replicating the ToxiUI WeakAuras skinning is fairly easy! Follow the button below to our WeakAuras guide on how to achieve perfect integration of WeakAuras with ToxiUI.

WeakAuras Guide