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Patch 6.5.5

Patch 6.5.1 came out December 17th, Patch 6.5.2 came out January 17th and today is technically still the 17th of February, since I still haven't gone to bed, so take this fun fact and do what you will with it.

Patch 6.5.3 and 6.5.4 did not have any articles because they were very minor hotfixes, so let's jump into the overview for February's patch! We've got cool new features, some bug fixes and the long awaited font update!

New features

First on the list is we now finally have Talent Loadout names in WunderBar's SpecSwitch module! I can't believe how long it took to implement this, at first it seemed very difficult but after I actually started digging into it, wasn't too bad. Although I did face a lot of timing issues where on the first initial render the loadout name was unavailable..

WunderBar Loadout Name

WunderBar Loadout switch

Click image to see full size

Next up we have a neat little feature that will rarely be seen because us real gamers play with our ActionBars hidden - class colored modifier keys! This idea was initially brought to me by an user from our community and then after long collaboration with the ElvUI discord & Eltreum from EltruismUI I have finally managed to implement it for ToxiUI! There's still some sliiiight visual bugs but at least they don't throw any errors!

Class Color Modifier Keys

Class Color Modifier Keys

Click image to see full size

Everyone knows that Toxi is a god gamer. Everyone also knows that Toxi is a huge slacker who doesn't play the game, so with the clutch came in Ikrekot & DreadMesh who helped carry lazy Toxi through a +20 M+ dungeon so that we could implement the M+ Portals in WunderBar's Hearthstone module!

On the same topic, I have also refactored the way flyouts work and now if there's a ton of spells, they will show up in a nice little grid of columns, instead of going literally to the top of the screen.. Mage teleports & portals are now in the same menu!

WunderBar Mage Portals Flyout

WunderBar Mage Portals Flyout

Click image to see full size

And for the last batch of new features, we have some new custom tags available! Like always, you can check them in the Available Tags section of ElvUI, but to quickly brief them:

  • UPPERCASE Name tags, currently not used anywhere; they're there just in case :)

  • Level Difficulty tag; colors the level text with difficulty (from grey to red) based on default WoW UI

And the juiciest bit - not really a new tag, but rather options for our already existing Class Icons tag! Now you can select new styles for your UnitFrame class icons. New icons are taken & modified from U.GG with their consent!

Class Icon Style Options

Class Icon Style Options

Click image to see full size

Bug fixes

Not many bug fixes this time around, mostly improvements to the Professions flyout that were noticed due to the changes to the flyout mentioned before. Professions now have a tooltip when you hover their spell in a flyout and we also fixed Mining to actually open the Smelting window!

Profile updates

Was hesitating if to even include this since it's so minor, but for new installations in Patch 6.5.5+ the new [tx:level:difficulty] tag will be used for the Party & Target frames!


Added tons of missing Hearthstone data to WunderBar, huge credits to Morrivar for collecting all the IDs!

We have also of course raised the minimum required version for ElvUI to 13.58. Gotta keep your AddOns updated, boys & girls!

Last but not least, updated contributor data. Sadly we lost a contributor this time around.

Settings refactoring

This has bothered me for so long. I know it also bothered other people cause I got questions/reports for this numerous times... So finally, at long last, I have updated the ToxiUI font's [ ] symbols to actually look like they're supposed to look!

Let me tell you, using FontForge is not as easy as it looks like!! Even now the right bracket still isn't perfect, but eh.

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Full changelog

This article only highlights the updates of a patch. For a full, detailed changelog that notes every single update, as always please refer to the in-game changelog.

Simply log in to the game with ToxiUI loaded and type in /tx changelog in the chat. You can also access the ToxiUI menu via these routes:

  • Clicking the ToxiUI icon in WunderBar's MicroMenu

  • Pressing ESC and then selecting ToxiUI

  • Opening ElvUI settings and selecting ToxiUI in the left sidebar

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