Patch 6.6.0 introduces Cataclysm Classic

It's finally here! For some reason people hated Cataclysm back then, but personally it's one of my favourite expansions and I'm so happy it's come back. With that being said, ToxiUI 6.6.0 adds support* for Cataclysm Classic, adds new features, some breaking changes, bug fixes and all the usual shenanigans ;)

*it's still not stable but should be in a playable state

Breaking changes

To start off, we have removed support for NameplateSCT AddOn. Recent survey showed that it's not really being used and personally I grew to dislike the AddOn myself. On the upside, the profile we provided was very simple and easy to replicate.

Next, we've removed most of the old Armory backgrounds and replaced them with 2 new ones featuring War Within content!

New Armory backgrounds

Priory of the Sacred Flame

ToxiUI Armory

Click image to see full size


ToxiUI Armory

Click image to see full size

New features

Firstly a feature that we needed for quite a long time now - Debug mode! Inspired by ElvUI's debug mode, this chat command disables all the unnecessary AddOns so you can debug ToxiUI in a cleaner environment. Can be toggled with the chat command /tx debug [on/off]

Moving on, Class Icons added in previous patches are now visible in the Details Icon select dropdown. Thx Flamanis & Details team :--)

Details Icon Select

Click image to see full size

We've also introduced new Health tags for Gradient mode. Or rather, same tags, new functionality! These new health tags change their color depending on the percentage health you have. If you're really low, it's gonna turn red! All information and options can be found in ToxiUI Gradient Mode settings.

ToxiUI Health Yellow Threshold

Click image to see full size

And lastly a minor new thing - we've added ElvUI's Equipment Sets DataText to WunderBar.

Bug fixes

Not a ton of bug fixes here. Gradient Mode and PvP are still not friends, so we've added some safety checks and fallbacks to make that more stable.

Profile updates

Plater threat colors have been updated to more closely match UnitFrame colors. Green is not gonna be so dark green anymore.

We've also widened the Details windows. In some rare cases (like Neltharus dungeon) very long names would show up in the window and that would cause all sorts of various bugs. This change should circumvent that.

You will also notice that more fonts in the UI now have the Shadow Outline style applied.


Obviously the minimum required ElvUI version is now 13.62. Always keep your AddOns updated!

Settings refactoring

To improve clarity we have renamed DPS/Tank and Healer layouts to Vertical and Horizontal respectively. The difference between those two is purely positional, so this should reduce confusion on what are the differences between the two layouts. As a bonus, we have added changing images in the installer that showcase both layouts!

We've also did some refactoring to the Additional AddOns page to show images only for the AddOns that you have loaded currently.

Development improvements

Internally, Classic Era is now called Vanilla, which is actually what Blizzard prefers now too!

ToxiUI Patreon

Full changelog

This article only highlights the updates of a patch. For a full, detailed changelog that notes every single update, as always please refer to the in-game changelog.

Simply log in to the game with ToxiUI loaded and type in /tx changelog in the chat. You can also access the ToxiUI menu via these routes:

  • Clicking the ToxiUI icon in WunderBar's MicroMenu

  • Pressing ESC and then selecting ToxiUI

  • Opening ElvUI settings and selecting ToxiUI in the left sidebar

Download ToxiUI

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